Florida Manatee

The Florida Manatee, a gentle giant of the waterways, is an iconic species native to the Sunshine State. These aquatic mammals, often referred to as sea cows, belong to the Trichechidae family and are a subspecies of the West Indian manatee. Characterized by their large, grayish-brown bodies, which can grow up to 13 feet long …

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Brazilian free-tailed bat

The Brazilian Free-tailed Bat, known scientifically as Tadarida brasiliensis, is a fascinating and widespread species found throughout the Americas, from the southern United States down to Argentina. This bat is particularly known for its high-speed flight and long, narrow wings, which make it one of the fastest flying mammals. One of the most distinctive features …

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Wild Horse

Florida’s wild horses, a captivating and lesser-known aspect of the state’s diverse wildlife, have a rich and complex history. These horses, primarily found in the Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park near Gainesville, are believed to be descendants of Spanish horses brought to Florida in the 16th century. Over the centuries, these horses have adapted to …

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White-tailed Deer

Deer in Florida, primarily represented by the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), are a vital part of the state’s wildlife and ecosystem. The white-tailed deer, recognizable by its reddish-brown coat in summer which turns to gray-brown during the winter, is the most widely distributed wild ungulate, or hoofed mammal, in North America and is abundantly present …

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Wooly Mammoth

The Florida Museum of Natural History, located in Gainesville, Florida, is a premier institution for understanding the natural world, and one of its notable exhibits includes the Woolly Mammoth. The Woolly Mammoth, scientifically known as Mammuthus primigenius, was a large prehistoric mammal that roamed across vast regions of the Earth during the Pleistocene epoch, which …

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Wild Boar

Wild hogs, also known as feral pigs or boars, at Paynes Prairie in Florida, are a notable part of the local ecosystem, but they are also a species of concern due to their impact on the environment and native species. These hogs are not native to Florida; they are descendants of domestic pigs brought to …

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